How It Works

Getting your free quotes are easy!

No more ringing or driving around from workshop to workshop for the best quote, having to tell them all the same thing and waiting for a response. FixMyRide will get the service providers to work for your business and send the best quotes directly to you. All you have to do is decide which one you want.

Four easy steps to get it fixed

  • Step 1 - Tell us about yourself and your ride

  • Your Vehicle details (make, model, mileage, etc.)

  • Enter your name, location and contact details (e-mail address and phone number)

  • Step 2 - Tell us what needs fixing

  • No need to get technical, just enter the details of the work you require via the user friendly options on the website. Don't know what's wrong? No problem, just provide a brief explanation. The Workshops might not be able to quote on the actual repair but can then provide you with a diagnostic quote.

  • Please make use of the facilities on the website to upload photos, images etc. and send instant messages via the website in order to communicate with workshops if needed to provide additional information when submitting a quote or in the user dashboard.

  • Step 3 - Receive quotes, compare, select service provider

  • Sit back and watch the quotes come in - we will offer your job to our network of service providers who will submit their best quote for your repair needs

  • Check you emails - You will be notified of incoming quotes via email, on an hourly basis.

  • Choose the right quote for you - Once the quoting period closes (usually 24 hours) you can select the best deal for you. It might be price, location, or the overall service offered. Either way you are guaranteed the best deal for you in the most convenient way. Saving time, money and effort!

  • Don`t delay - Quotes are valid for 7 days after submission.

  • Complete the process - Please remember to mark the job as complete once the work is carried out at which time the process is complete and feedback can be provided.

  • Step 4- Give Feedback

  • Tell us about your experience! We strive to provide an exceptional customer experience at all times. Your feedback is important in our efforts to do so.

  • After the work is completed you will be prompt for your feedback on the service. You just click the "Leave Feedback" button to give a rating and leave a short comment on whether you would recommend the service provider to others. A star rating of 1-5 is available, where 1 is poor and 5 excellent.

  • Good to know

  • It is free. You pay nothing to use FixMyRide. We get paid by the service providers for the chance to quote for your work. They want your business.

  • You will not be pestered. All quotes will be sent via the website which you will be able to access and view on your personal dashboard. Only when you accept a quote will your contact information be provided to the service provider. They will then contact you directly to make the necessary arrangements. Your information will not be shared with anyone else.

  • Your contract is only with the service provider of your choice. You pay nothing until the job is completed and you pay the service provider directly. FixMyRide take no payment from you as your contract is with the service provider. Also, any additional work should only be carried out if and when authorised by you.

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