Car Repair Financial Assistance

A loan where you need, when you need it.

Need auto repairs or parts today, but don't have the cash right now? FixMyRide has partnered with Nedbank to offer you a quick and easy way of getting the cash you need today, to pay back with affordable monthly instalments. A lot of us can't afford to be without our own transport, and leaving a problem car could cause more issues. So, don't wait for bigger problems to happen! FixMyRide offers you quality service for all your car repair needs, plus the added help of paying your expenses off with a personal loan from Nedbank. Nedbank's new application process gives you access to apply for a loan, answer/verify a few quick questions, giving you a tailored loan at a great interest rate, in a matter of minutes. On approval of your loan, the cash is paid out instantly. Read on to find out more about our auto repair loan services.

What our auto repair financing includes:

FixMyRide in partnership with Nedbank can now offer consumers a financial plan in the form of personal loan to pay for their auto repairs, parts or services.

As these costs are not always something budgeted for, our partnership with Nedbank aims to support consumers to pay for these unexpected bills.

Partnering with Nedbank means you, as a FixMyRide client, will now be able to pay off your expenses, knowing that you have taken out a loan with an approved, trusted financial lender. Nedbank offers loans from R2,000 up to R300,000, and flexible repayment terms from 6 to 72 months. Interest rates are also tailored to each individual, meaning that your loan will be customised just for you!

How to apply for auto car repair financing?

Nedbank has developed a personal loan application process that is fully digital. The process uses advanced technology to get you the financial support you need in the quickest and easiest way. All you need to do is verify that your details and information are correct. You will be prompted to upload a copy of your ID book or smartcard during your application, so please ensure you have a copy either your ID book or both sides of your ID smartcard, saved onto your device (mobile phone, laptop, etc).

What do I need to qualify for the loan?

You will need to be 18 years or older, have a valid South African ID card or document; be permanently employed and earn a regular net salary of at least R3 500 a month deposited into your bank account electronically.

FixMyRide's auto repair financing is perfect for:

- Those emergency repairs that can't wait like:-- A new set of tyres, brake pads or discs before a long family trip;

  • Getting your car in working order after an accident,
  • Or just keeping up-to-date with your service history

Whatever your need, you can now apply for a personal loan from Nedbank for financial support and knowing you have the means to pay for what you need to have done, before you even get to a workshop!

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